Tweaking Doom Emacs to be more like Vanilla Emacs

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In the past I have tried running my own literate emacs and it was fun but i kept running into shortcomings that needed a few hours of yak shaving before it was the way i wanted it and this got in the way of actually working on intended tasks within emacs. The Doom Emacs distro/framework solved this issue by offering a complete emacs package that is sanely configured and feels cohesive.

I want to see how far I could revert doom emacs to a more vanilla emacs feel.

For starters we can change the theme, I like modus-operandi (great theme by prot) for example. Next we can modify the default doom modeline which is massive (RIP 1366x768) and quite bloated in terms of featureset.

1 Modeline

There is a +light mode for the modeline which hlissner himself uses as even he says that the default modeline is now too bloated since it has to cater to a wide audience of doom emacs users. This +light modeline should be lighter on resources.

change (modeline) to (modeline +light) in ~/.doom.d/init.el

The +light modeline is nice to use if you adjust its the doom modeline height to make it a little shorter (~26).

Height of the modeline can be adjusted like so:

(setq +modeline-height 22)


You can re-enable certain gui elements if you like (the menu bar & scroll-bar are handy sometimes):

(tool-bar-mode 1)
(menu-bar-mode 1)
(scroll-bar-mode 1)

3 Misc

Adjust default frame title and fallback buffer name if desired:

(setq doom-fallback-buffer-name "emacs"
      +doom-dashboard-name "emacs")
(setq-default frame-title-format '("%b"))

You can also disable the doom dashboard if you want:

comment out (doom-dashboard) to ;;(doom-dashboard) in ~/.doom.d/init.el

Created: 2020-10-23 Fri 04:00