Shaun Murphy Report for Asini’s HLSD

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1 Intro

Subject: Shaun Murphy

Present with a diagnosis of autism and savant syndrome. Near-photographic recall and ability to note minute details and changes. Struggles with everyday communication skills and social cues.

2 Bio Info

Born: 1993 (age 26-27) in Casper, Wyoming, U.S. (Alive) Profession: Surgical Resident at St. Bonaventure, Pathologist (briefly)

Relationships Family:

  • Marcie Murphy ♀
  • Ethan Murphy ♂
  • Steve Murphy (brother)
  • Aaron Glassman (mentor and father figure)
  • Sybil Meeks (ex-foster mother)


  • Lea Dilallo (girlfriend)
  • Carly Lever (ex-girlfriend)

3 Personality

Shaun has “almost perfect recall”, extraordinary and genius-level intellect and excellent analytical abilities. He dislikes direct questions and confrontation. He is highly perceptive and often bluntly voices these perceptions. Eidetic memory & a highly visual learner. He perceives things in terms of abstract frameworks and concepts that he manipulates within his mind.

Autism heightened sensory sensitivity abnormal inflection when speaking avoids eye contact heavy reliance on routine easily fixated and obsessive on certain objects at times. (eg toy scalpel that steve (his brother) gave to him.) aversion to physical touch unless he himself chooses to initiate lack of cognitive empathy but possesses emotional empathy → he can pick up when someone is upset but often has trouble discerning why.

4 Early Life

Despite Shaun’s troubled childhood, he maintains a generally positive outlook on life choosing to persue medicine in the hopes of improving the lives of others. He is very wary of forming deeper relationships with people after the death of his younger brother and his rabbit - these events clearly has an impact on Shaun’s ability to maintain and develop deep relationships well into his adulthood.

5 Communication

Shaun is very blunt at times - which has proven helpful. Shaun mentions having spent most of his life alone but enjoys the friends he has made as a doctor and the lack of loneliness he now feels. After being transferred to pathology Shaun struggles with the transition despite being able to save lives from a distance. Shaun makes it clear that he wishes to remain a surgical resident despite the issues that come with his communication skills. Doctor Jackson Hill believes that Shaun is able to function as a resident because he has the safety net of his attendings and fellow residents.

According to Glassman, Shaun may not communicate as well as others do but he does communicate and he is heard and continues to inspire others.

Another problem Shaun faces regarding communication is with his romantic relationships, in particular with Lea; Shaun is immediately attracted to her, but his lack of knowledge with regards to Romantic relationships leads to confusion.

Shaun has genuine feelings for Carly as shown when she asked him to speak with her instead of ignoring Carly if he had feelings for her at all. Carly is able to understand Shaun as she is said to have an autistic sister.

Shaun and Claire date informally, but Shaun struggles with the effects of his touch aversion upon their intimacy.

After spending the night sleeping comfortably with Lea and having a brief meltdown over the potential of being alone, Shaun appears to lose some of his aversion to touch.

6 History

6.1 Early Life

Shaun was raised alongside his younger brother; Steve, by their mother and father. He was bullied by other children in school due to being autistic.

His father’s method of child-rearing eventually turned abusive and his father was responsible for the death of Shaun’s beloved rabbit.

Steve and Shaun ran away from their parents and promised they would never go back. Steve also gave Shaun a scalpel which Shaun treasures for years to come. Shaun was 14 when these events occurred. Steve accidentally died while playing in an old building with a group of other children. Shaun was then picked up by a police officer and was raised by Aaron Glassman as if he was Glassman’s own son.

At one point Shaun lived with a distant foster mother. She was a figure of resilience for Shaun, often fond of saying “tough titmouse” in response to a situation.

Shaun then proceeded to live in Casper, Wyoming for some time with support from his neighbours. Glassman managed to help Shaun develop his skills to be a doctor and to control his emotions and remain calm in tough situations - hallmark characteristics of a surgeon. Later Shaun moved to San Jose to begin his residency at St.Bonaventure

Author: Diamond Bond

Created: 2020-10-29 Thu 19:03